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We don't just believe in chiropractic. We live it every day.

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It’s time to make Chiropractic great again in North Carolina. Doctors from across our state, from the Blue Ridge to the Crystal Coast, have made their voices heard that it is time for change. They want to be part of something bigger. Something with meaning and purpose. Simply put, they want to believe again.

The Power of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic was founded over 100 years ago by DD Palmer who dared to believe that doctors and medicine don’t heal, but that the body heals itself. He believed that only the Power that created the body can heal the body. That within us lies perfection, endowed by our Creator, to adapt to its environment and will heal itself…until it can’t, and begins crying for help!

He correctly thought that the body can sometimes become overwhelmed by stresses in life and that those stresses cause imbalances and misalignments in the body and spine interfering with the natural healing process, and that something could be done about it. That was the genesis of Chiropractic.

For many years Chiropractic grew and flourished based on this self-healing philosophy. Doctors practiced with honor and integrity, always putting ‘patients first’. They passionately believed in freeing their patients ails through adjustments, while letting nothing stand in their way. Some even went to jail fighting for this practice freedom. For them, they didn’t just believe in chiropractic…they lived it everyday!

Slowly, over time, practice stresses began to creep in. Distractions like politics and managed care began to take hold. The medical industrial complex and insurance industry began to redefine chiropractic, sadly replacing vital chiropractic concepts of ‘self-healing’ with words like ‘coding and compliance’. Even worse, the notion of ‘patient first’ began to wane. Today, many chiropractors have become so overwhelmed with these needless practice stresses, they are crying for help!

A Solution for North Carolina Chiropractors

Carolina Chiropractors was founded by North Carolina chiropractors to help those who want to believe again. If you believe in putting patients first again, we are for you! If you think that serving patents with abandon is the highest of callings, that more time and energy should be spent reaching out to patients instead of pandering to politics and managed care, then we are for you! If you are looking for a principled group of chiropractors who will never compromise on honest patient care and ethical medical necessity, then we are for you!

It is time for change. And at Carolina Chiropractors, we are going to make chiropractic great again in North Carolina. We don’t just believe in chiropractic…we live it everyday. Join us!

We don't just believe in chiropractic, we live it every day.

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